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Note: This piece has been retconned out of Lu's background.  It was how I planned Lu's story to end but I decided that I liked her so much that I would continue playing her.

It’s funny how most people never thought about death until they actually experience it.  All living things die, but nobody has ever thought about the moment of their death.

I lay on a white hospital bed.  Around me, machines beeped and whirled.  

Beside my bed were my two children: a tall boy with dark black hair and a girl, of medium height, round face and long luscious red hair like I had when I was young.  My once bright red hair was now white.  Muscles had faded away and bones weakened.

“Hey,” I flashed a smile at them.  They smiled back, their eyes full of tears.

My time was almost at end.  And what a strange life I had lived.

I am the child of Haven Tempest and Mars, the Roman god of war.  

I had an ordinary childhood.  For my tenth birthday, my mother took me to the beach.  We built sandcastles.  It was then I had a taste for my “other side.”  In the horizon, I could see horses in the wave, shimmering like the rainbow.  I had asked a stranger beside me whether he could see the horses, which I later learned were Hippocampi, but he could not.  The incident was not pursued further and was promptly forgotten.

However, this “other side” later came to bite my backside.  At the age of 15, my mother disappeared.  I was scared.  To make matters worse, a creature, no doubt dispatched by Terra, also attacked.  It was the first monster I’ve encountered and I was scared.  The creature was the ugliest creature I have ever seen.  It had the body of a female but sticking out from her back were large bat parts wings and, where her head was, sat a bat-like face with ears at the top of her head.  I tried to defend myself with the various utensils found around the house.  However, that only served to madden the beast.  I was rescued by Lupa, the trainer of Roman demigods.  Lupa then took me from my house to Wolf House, where she trained me for three months before telling me to seek Camp Jupiter, a camp for the offspring of Roman gods and goddesses.

I spent three months at Camp Jupiter.  Camp Jupiter was not an easy place to live.  They run things like the military.  To make matters worse, no technology were allowed at Camp.  This troubled me, since I was a tech geek and couldn’t spend a day without the Internet.  The punishments were rather unusual.  And I was no stranger to them.  I was mercilessly teased by Bianca, who called me names like Lucyfer, which I found to be offensive.  That caused me to fly off the handle and punch her in the stomach.  I then proceeded to biting her hard on the cheeks.  This action earned me the coveted punishment of being thrown into the little Tiber in a sack filled with angry weasels for one hour.  After the end of the punishment, I was covered from head to toe with bite marks.

It was the final straw that drove me from Camp Jupiter.  I left it on my own accords to seek my mother.  I searched everywhere, but after about 6 months, I had just about given up hopes.  It was then that a troll captured me to bring me to Terra, who wanted me to fetch the Golden Fleece to “revive” her.  I don’t know why she wanted me, but at least she put me on the right track.  She had captured my mother to force me to seek the Fleece for her.  I had eventually managed to fool her with the help of the demigods at the Hecate cabin at Camp Half Blood.

After about a year relative normalness (save a few stray random attacks and the incident at the café), I returned to Camp Jupiter to serve out the rest of my year’s obligation to Legio XII Fulminata.  Then I left camp for good to complete my education.  I took the Mesa Distance Learning Program and eventually graduated high school.  I attended Swansea University in the United Kingdom, where I settled down.

At the age 25, I once again answered the call and joined the biggest battle I had ever seen.  Though the majority of the battles took place in the United States, the United Kingdom saw its share of fight.  I joined ranks with the local forces of demigod to battle Terra’s monsters.  Many died that faithful day.

I had never met my father throughout my life, but no doubt, as I lay at my final hours, he was smiling down upon me.  I could feel the life slipping out of me.

Each breath I took was laborious.  I struggled to stay conscious but my eyes begin to droop.  I closed my eyes.  Then took my last breathe and resigned to my faith.

Death was relatively painless for me.  I close my eyes and there was nothing but darkness.  Darkness surrounded me.  A great emptiness fills my soul, an emptiness that I just can't hide.

I “awoke” in the underworld where I was shepherded along with the other souls.  Being a demigod, I was fast tracked through death and even got to see Pluto himself.

He offered me two choices: Going to Elysium or being reborn to the world to try achieving the Isles of the Blest.  I chose the latter.
This is the final saga in the tale of Lucy Tempest.

Note: This story has been retconned out of Lu's history.  THIS IS NOT CANON.

Lucy is an original character of mine. She's a Roman demigod. Read the rest of her story here.

Got a question for Lucy? Ask her here.

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