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Lucy’s feet barely touched the dirt plain she ran across.  Behind her she could hear the loud chanting of creatures speaking a foreign tongue.  It sounded like a mixture of Greek and Latin speech mixed a third unknown language.  She could pick up phrases of ‘she rises’ and ‘the tree of life shall begin anew.’  The smell of acrid smell hit her nose causing a sharp burning sensation deep in her nasal cavities.

From the corner of her eyes she could see that the creatures, which resembled harpies but with blue skin and tusks jutting from their mouth, was trying to flank her.  The outer edges of the line was trying to cut her off.  She pressed a button on her sword causing it to turn into a rod with bow string attached to the ends.  She pulled on a string and a golden arrow appeared.  She aimed at the outer end of the right flank and fired.  The arrow was true and it caused the creature to erupt into a bright flash of flame.  She did the same for the second and third but in the meantime the left edge was curling towards her.

It was then she heard a pleasing melody that seems to be destroying the monsters.  She tried to pinpoint the sound of the mysterious melody when her conscious brain started to kick in and realize it was the sound of her alarm.  She groggily opened her eyes to the familiar surrounding of her campus room.  The familiar white walls adorned with posters of planes.  The familiar rotund light fixtures on the ceilings.  Meanwhile the music had begun to loop back on itself.  It was then Lu reached out for the phone and turn off the alarm.  She also launched the calendar app to check the time and location of her next class.  This was followed by a quick check of the notifications by pulling down on the notification shade from above.  The only notification was the daily newsletter from XperiaBlog she had subscribed to.

She rolled out of bed and stretched out with a loud cat-like yawn.  However, there was something still nagging her about her dream.  She reached for the innocent drum stick on the bed side drawer and pressed a button.  It expanded into a golden sword with the words SPQR on the hilt along with the markings of Camp Jupiter.  Her sword was still a sword and not the fancy sword / bow / any weapon combo of her dream.

She headed to then headed to the toilet to clean up and prepare to tackle the monster that was Computational Aerodynamics.
Lucy turns a new leaf on her life and adapts to college life.

Lucy is an original character of mine. She's a Roman demigod. Read the rest of her story here.

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